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Agrivoltaics in the News

Jack's Solar Garden in the News:

Imagine that all 4.05 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity consumed in the United States last year were supplied by a single source of power, rather than a mixture of different technologies.

A Republican lawmaker has joined the previously Democrat-only push for solar agriculture, or agrivoltaics, priming Colorado to become a national leader.

The Boulder County solar farm uses an emerging concept called agrivoltaics to make

more money off the land. But that's just the start.

On this NPR Morning Edition, Kirk Siegler discusses Jack's Solar Garden

A year after breaking ground, partnerships at solar farm continue

The Boulder, Colorado community garden serves as a case study and research site for the practice of agrivoltaics. 

A Floating Farm in Rotterdam is teaching farmers how to

grow food in a sustainable way without using any arable land.

At the intersection of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, Jack’s Solar Garden in Longmont educated community members about growing plants alongside solar panels at a fundraiser event for nonprofits Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center and Eco-Cycle on Saturday afternoon.

The summer of 2022 was tough for farmers in the American West: Hot, dry conditions led snow to melt early, reservoirs to run low and streams to pare down to mere trickles. For many, that meant less water to grow crops and reduced yields.

Podcasts Featuring Jack's Solar Garden:

Full Ep: Byron Kominek - Jack's Solar Garden owner/manager

The American West is experiencing its worst drought in over 1,000 years.

Published Research Papers:

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