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Our Impact


Photo: Werner Slocum/ NREL

CALC By the Numbers
(since inception)

  • 2,500 guests came to Jack's Solar Garden

  • 500+ high school students from 20 different schools, five school districts, and six local private schools visited us at Jack's Solar Garden

  • 200+ Colorado government officials visited us at Jack's Solar Garden

  • ​12 events hosted at Jack's Solar Garden

  • 600+ people attended our events at Jack's Solar Garden 

  • 64+ presentations mentioning Jack's Solar Garden

  • 1 webinar hosted with 164 attendees from eight different countries

  • 1 published research paper

  • 28 scientists researching on site​​

  • 59 species being studied

  • 30 cultivars being studied

  • 40 different datasets being studied

We've done a lot, but we know we can do more.


Help us increase our impact.


Photo: Werner Slocum/ NREL

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor an event

In the past, we've hosted everything from farm to table dinners, to music on the farm, research and community events. Head over to the event tab to see more.

We've got some very cool things up our sleeve for this upcoming season.


Reach out to Alexandra Hankins at to see what we're up to and how you can be a part of it.

Sponsor a public tour

Help our Colorado community learn more about the benefits of agrivoltaics by sponsoring a public tour where they'll learn about a new kind of solution to our growing energy, food and land use challenges.

Sponsor a school tour 

Education is at the forefront of what we do here at CALC. You can help provide educational opportunities for students to learn about agrivoltaics and sustainability by sponsoring a school tour for those who may not have the ability to visit us at Jack's Solar Garden without your support.

In-kind donations

We're always looking for businesses willing to donate their expertise, food, beverages and supplies for on-site events and we'd love nothing more than to showcase your products and services to our audience. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, reach out to us. 

Have something else in mind? 

We'd love to hear it!

We're happy to customize our sponsorship opportunities to meet your company's needs.

Contact our Fundraising and Events Coordinator, Alexandra Hankins at

to hear more about how you can help support our work.

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