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Colorado Agrivoltaic
Learning Center


©Joanna Kulesza/Courtesy The Nature Conservancy

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center is a nonprofit based at Jack's Solar Garden and a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

What We Do

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center showcases clean energy generation coupled with local food production to educate and inspire our community into taking action to improve land stewardship within solar arrays.

Where We Are

We operate tours and events at Jack's Solar Garden, - 8102 N. 95th St. Longmont, Colorado - the largest agrivoltaic research site of its kind in the United States.

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July 27th, 2024

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Photo: Byron Kominek


©Joanna Kulesza/Courtesy The Nature Conservancy


In 2016, Byron Kominek moved to his family's 24 acre farm south of Longmont, Colorado where he wanted to see their land do more and be more. The farm had been growing and selling hay for about 50 years, but it was no longer paying the bills.

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Our Team

Meet the exceptional individuals behind the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center, each dedicated to delivering excellence and driving success. Our team comprises passionate professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, united by a shared commitment.

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Our Board

Discover the distinguished members of our board, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to guide our strategic vision and mission. Comprised of seasoned industry leaders and visionaries, our board embodies a diverse range of perspectives.

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Agrivoltaics = Solar Panels + Agriculture

Most solar installations are developed with single seed turf or bare ground beneath the panels. The grass seed is inexpensive and can be easily managed by application of pesticides and occasional mowing. This type of vegetation management under panels can lead to decreased water retention, less soil stability, reduced carbon sequestration, and loss of habitat for pollinators, birds, and wildlife.
Since the life of a regular solar panel can be 25 or more years, the solar developments installed in the early 2020s will likely occupy the land until the 2040s and 2050s.


For Educators

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center is a resource for Colorado educators to learn more about agrivoltaics and to teach their students about clean energy, local food, and responsible land use. We help students to imagine a sustainable future and the many career opportunities agrivoltaics presents.
We want teachers to use our lessons and visit our Jack's Solar Garden while still covering required and important content. To that end, we have designed lessons that are aligned to Colorado Science Academic Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the AP Environmental Science Course and Exam Description.

Foundation Support & Sponsors

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