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Agrivoltaics for Educators

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center is a resource for Colorado educators to learn more about agrivoltaics and to teach their students about clean energy, local food, and responsible land use. We help students to imagine a sustainable future and the many career opportunities agrivoltaics presents. 

Interested in a Field Trip?

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Field Trip Activities

CALC is committed to providing agrivoltaic lessons during visits to Jack's Solar Garden while still covering required and important content in a hands-on approach. To that end, we have designed lessons that are aligned to Colorado Science Academic Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Below is a list of activities that can be part of a field trip:

  1. Microclimate Lesson (Design an investigation under the solar panels) optimal for high school students

  2. Tinkering Activity (Create a circuit to power a fan/rover/ light) optimal for middle school students 

  3. Solar Powered Art (Create a circuit to power a spiral artwork 
  4. Jack's Solar Garden Tour Outline 


The hands-on lessons require supplies, we have tested and found certain materials to be the most durable and useful. See our recommendations below.

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In-School or Virtual Lessons

Our educators are available to travel to schools and provide agrivoltaic lessons if field trips aren't feasible for your school. Contact for coordination and scheduling 

If you would like the teacher keys for any of the above lessons or would like to request a lesson related to different coursework, please reach out to our Education Specialist,

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