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Agrivoltaics for Educators

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Photo: Kirk Siegler/NPR

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center is a resource for Colorado educators to learn more about agrivoltaics and to teach their students about clean energy, local food, and responsible land use. We help students to imagine a sustainable future and the many career opportunities agrivoltaics presents. 

Photo: Jeff Goldberg

Science Classes

We want teacher to use our lessons and visit our Jack's Solar Garden while still covering required and important content. To that end, we have designed lessons that are aligned to Colorado Science Academic Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the AP Environmental Science Course and Exam Description. Below is a list of completed lessons:

  1. Physical Science Chemistry Lesson (The elements in a solar panel)

  2. Science and Engineering Practices Lesson (Designing an investigation under the solar panels)

  3. AP Environmental Science Free Response Question (Agrivoltaic site location and benefits)​​

If you would like the teacher keys for any of the above lessons or would like to request a lesson related to different coursework, please reach out to our Education Specialist,

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Photo: Jeff Goldberg

Photography Classes

We partnered with a local artist, Jeff Goldberg, to collaborate with local teachers to put on photography workshops. Jeff is a full-time photographer in Boulder, Colorado. He enjoys all aspects of photography from nature/wildlife to working with aspiring models to educating community members about photography techniques. Possible photography workshop objectives include:​

  • Integrating specific photography topics into a farm visit, e.g. texture, contrast, hard vs. soft light, manmade vs. natural

  • Practice with techniques that they have already learned with timed challenges, e.g. 30 minutes to create an image featuring the color green, same subject from different perspectives or lighting, etc.

  • Portrait creating sessions at the farm that can be tailored for the skills/equipment of your students


Contact for coordination and scheduling 

Photo: Allison Jackson

Creative Writing Contest

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Agrivoltaics is the co-location of solar energy and agricultural production where the solar panels provide environmental benefits to any agricultural activity. To see what agrivoltaics looks like at Jack’s Solar Garden go to: or come tour the farm to see it in person!


Winning Stories Must Be:

  • A titled, original, creative work by a 14-17 year old Colorado student

  • Grammatically correct work of Fiction or Nonfiction

  • 750 words or less

  • Related to agrivoltaics in a positive way

  • Typed and written without reference to registered trademarks

  • Due December 31st, 2023

  • Email submissions to

  • Submitted works will become property of Jack’s Solar Garden and can be used in marketing, publications or other uses



1st Place: $350 

2nd Place: $125

3rd Place: $50 


For more information on the judging criteria see rubric.

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