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Our Team


Byron has worked in international development for well over a decade, having lived in various parts of Africa for over 6 years. He brings to the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center his development skills of seeking constructive partnerships and his desire to improve both environmental and community well-being within the scope of a single project. Byron is a former U.S. diplomat and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. He has a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering and speaks French and Portuguese.

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​Allison has experience in both the environmental science and education fields. She worked as an environmental consultant in Chicago and taught for 10 years, teaching everything from 6th grade science to AP Environmental Science. Allison has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University and a Master’s degree in secondary science education from Northwestern University.  Allison is excited to forge new connections between students and Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center. She hopes to inspire students to explore sustainable agriculture and renewable energy as future career options.


Liz is a passionate environmental and social justice advocate and a student in CU Boulder’s Master of the Environment program, where she is specializing in Sustainable Food Systems. Originally from the UK, she graduated with a BS in Environmental Studies and Social Sciences in 2022, from The Open University. With a business background in Operational Change Management, she spent a number of years traveling and working in Asia and Central America, before settling in Denver in 2019. Liz hopes to use this rich tapestry of experiences in her work with CALC; to fuel her commitment to build a more sustainable and collaborative future, break down social barriers and create a more equitable and just future for everyone.


Austin was born and raised in Colorado, where he developed a strong appreciation for nature at an early age. He graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Business Administration, with Finance and Marketing concentrations. After graduation, he started working as a financial analyst for utility-scale renewable energy developers and also began volunteering as a tour guide at Jack’s Solar Garden during the project’s first growing season. Austin saw the promise of agrivoltaics at Jack’s  and felt a strong calling to combine his background in renewable energy with his values for promoting nature. After 3 years in the utility-scale industry, he left to pursue a full-time career in agrivoltaics and is eager to expand multi-use land practices for clean energy projects.

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Amber is an Educator and User Experience Project Manager passionate about doing ethical work and leaving a healthier planet for our children. Originally from North Carolina, Amber began her career working for the Environmental Systems Research Institute (esri) in California, after earning a B.S. in Geography from Appalachian State University with a concentration in GIS. She then became an Educator specializing in EdTech after earning an M.Ed. from Regis University in Colorado. Amber has been working in education for over 17 years.  To do work that aligns with her core values, Amber is working with CALC to ignite an interest in sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy. Together, in partnership, our children’s futures can be very healthy and just indeed.


Nelson Heider-Kuhn is originally from Virginia but has been a Coloradan for 12 years. His Bachelor's degree is in soil conservation sciences from Colorado State University. With eight years of farming experience, Nelson embarked on a remarkable journey of
running a one-acre neighborhood farm experiment in Lakewood alongside his husband for five of those years. Nelson's professional experience and research has been in multifunctional agroecosystems in labs on Colorado State Campus, in ecovoltaics as well as dryland agroforestry development for local non-profits. He is passionate about soil fertility and the intricate soil food web, drawing inspiration from the pioneering works of Dr. Elain Ingham, Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, and John Kempf. Driven by this passion, Nelson has dedicated his life's work to the practical application of regenerative design principles. Recognizing the fundamental importance of regenerative land management practices in the face of a changing climate, Nelson is wholeheartedly committed to assisting in the growth and transitions of traditional farm systems to a more ecologically minded agricultural future.

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