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Our Mission

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center showcases clean energy generation coupled with local food production to educate and inspire our community into taking action to improve land stewardship within solar arrays.

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​Our Three Educational Pillars

​Big challenges require creative solutions.

Through educational outreach and tours of Jack’s Solar Garden for Colorado schools, we teach our youth about solar energy, agriculture, and the combination of the two in agrivoltaic systems. We show them a more sustainable future and the many career opportunities related to agrivoltaics.


​Seeing is believing.

We provide public and private tours to individuals, community groups, and businesses to showcase agrivoltaics as a new kind of solution to our growing energy, food, and land use challenges. We also offer workshops for solar developers to get an in-depth understanding of agrivoltaics and host free online webinars for the public.


​Colorado is leading the charge.

The future of successful renewable energy deployment rests with our policymakers. They need to understand that solar arrays can be installed so that farmland is not lost. Society should not forget about its soil's health and the agricultural jobs that steward our lands.

How we meet our mission

We offer educational tours and events at Jack’s Solar Garden and agrivoltaic outreach throughout Colorado.

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